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IOCUK Constitution

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Post  Admin Sat 06 Dec 2014, 15:52

Suzuki Intruder Owners Club UK Constitution

1 Name
The name of the Club shall be Suzuki Intruder Owners Club UK

2 Address
The registered address of the Club shall be that of the current or acting President

3 Objectives
the objectives of the Club are:

·To maintain a common bond / brotherhood within the club.

·To encourage all aspects of motorcycling.

·To foster a friendly and sociable environment throughout the membership and encourage new members.

·To foster safe riding skills at all times.

·To produce a regular newsletter and/or website for all members.

·To provide an annual calendar of trips/events which is varied and fulfill the requirements of the
membership and their guests.

.To raise money for service and local charities.

4 Rules
These Rules and any part thereof may be amended at the sole discretion of the President
(in consultation with the committee members). However, if a member wishes to raise a matter
concerning the Rules of the Club or Forum he should do so by addressing their points to the
President in writing. Upon receipt, the President (in consultation with the committee) will give
due consideration to the members point(s) and respond within a reasonable time limit.
The President’s decision will be final.

A copy of the Club’s Rules will be available to all members through the website.

5 Finance

*** Please note that our accounts are currently under review and will be published in due course ***
Annual accounts will be presented yearly by the Club Treasurer and posted in Full members section
of the Club Forum.

The use of all monies is to benefit the current paid members of the Club.
Any spending must be authorised by at least 2 officers.

Should the Club fold, any monies remaining in the account will be used to pay any creditors.
Any further monies remaining will be split between reputable charities voted for by the remaining

No member should profit from any dissolution.
This Club is a non profit group.

6 Responsibility of the Membership
Members have a responsibility to conduct themselves so as to uphold the good reputation of the
Club and promote the goodwill of the Club at all times.

Members attending Club events must ensure their vehicle is taxed and insured and must be in a
roadworthy condition having a current M.O.T Certificate where required.

7 Annual Subscriptions
Annual membership subscriptions will run for 12 months from April 1st to 31st March the following year.

Any member who has not renewed their subscriptions by the end of the 12 month period will be
deemed to have let their membership lapse and will be removed from the full members group.

The President (in consultation with the Committee) may decline any application for membership
and any decision taken is final.

Any applicant who's application has been declined by the President & Committee may have their
case reviewed after a period of 6 months providing the applicant has a minimum of three full paying
members who will give their support for that application.

No refunds shall be given on membership fees and any member who gives notice to leave before the end
of the subscription year will NOT be refunded any portion of their membership fee.

The President (in consultation with the committee) has sole discretion as to any increases for new
member joining fees and annual subscriptions.

8 Guests
Through its membership the Club encourages guests and visitors to attend events/trips. This will give
prospective members a chance to enjoy the convivial and social scene before giving consideration to join.
Members are responsible for their guest’s conduct.

9 Honorary Membership
The President may appoint honorary membership upon any member or non-member in recognition of
meritorious service to the Club or to motorcycling.

10 Club’s Officers
Will consist of President, Vice President and Treasurer.

The Officers must be current and fully paid up Members.

The President may, co-opt another member and assign that person to a temporary post for the
engagement of short term specialist duties.

The Officers may proffer advice to the President. The President’s decision is final.

11 Donations to Charities
The President will consult with all members concerning charity donations to worthwhile causes.

12 Prejudicial Conduct
Should any member contravene the rules of the Club or be considered by the Committee to have
acted in a manner prejudicial to the interests of the Club or likely to bring the Club into disrepute,
the Committee (after discussion) may withdraw membership of the member from the Club without
further notice and no refunds will be given.


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